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Past Conferences and Workshops

A series of international conferences started after the first four workshops, becoming a recognised meeting place for model developers, model users and stakeholders. Since year 2000 the proceedings, consisting of 5-pages extended abstracts, are freely available on-line, subject to authors’ permission. Proceedings, presentations and posters from the participants are available under the webpage of the relative conference listed below. Proceedings can be found also through a Google Scholar search on Ever since 1994 full-length versions of selected papers from the conferences have been published in Special issues of the  International Journal on Environment and Pollution (IJEP).

Related Activities

Activities which are related to the Initiative on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes are linked beneath. In a presentation for the 16th Harmonisation conference (September 2014) the former chairman of the Harmonisation initiative, Helge Olesen, gave various practical advices on resources, which modellers can benefit from in their daily work, including Google Scholar, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, YouTube: Web-based tools for air pollution modellers

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