General info

The 7th conference on "Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes" was held in Belgirate, Italy, in May 2001

C. Cuvelier, G. Graziani, S. Galmarini, P. Thunis

Scientific Committee

R. Almbauer, D. Anfossi, J.G. Bartzis, R.E. Britter, P. Builtjes, B. Carissimo, D. Carruthers, S. Galmarini, E. Genikhovich, G. Graziani, S.-E. Gryning, W. Klug, J. Kretzschmar, P. Mestayer, N. Moussiopoulos, H.R. Olesen, M. Schatzmann, P. Suppan, P. Thunis


The following topics were covered during the conference:
  • H7-1 - Validation and inter-comparison of models, model evaluation methodology
  • H7-2 - Regulatory Models: Country reviews
  • H7-3 - Short Distance Dispersion Modelling
  • H7-4 - Urban scale and street canyon modelling: meteorology and air quality
  • H7-5 - Meso-scale modelling and air quality modelling
  • H7-6 - Environmental Impact Assessment: Air pollution management and decision support systems