General info

On February 2nd, 2007, there has been a minor update to the BOOT software package. The update addresses a problem with BOOT, which is only relevant when the BOOT software is used for other variables than concentrations. In particular, it was noticed because BOOT is used in the context of the COST action 732, where velocity components are a matter of interest. The Hit Rate component (see below) was updated June 2007.

What's new in the BOOT version from 2007?

  • Previously, the value of FA2 (fraction of model results within a fraction of two, as compared to observations) was incorrect if there were negative values for 'observed values' or 'model predictions'. This has been corrected.
  • The output format has been changed so there are two decimal places for Mean, High and 2nd high (when F format is used).

How to recognize the BOOT version?

The version of BOOT distributed with the Model Validation Kit produces output with the following label:


The version of BOOT from February 2007 produces output labelled:


Utility to compute Hit Rate

A utility has been developed to compute Hit Rate, based on input files that have been prepared for use with the BOOT software package. The first version of this utility became available in February 2007. A small problem was fixed in June 2007. The Hit Rate is a metric that has been found useful in particular for velocity models. The utility was included with the BOOT package in February 2007, due to requests from COST 732. For an explanation of hit rate and how to use the utility, see the 3-page guide 'Computing Hit Rate' (pdf, 75 kB).

Download the updated BOOT version

A package with the updated BOOT software package can be downloaded here (1.3 MB, zip file). This package includes the updates from June 2007, but BOOT itself is from February 2007.